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Kathleen Thibodeaux

Kathleen B. Thibodeaux


As founders of Bart’s Office Inc. Kathleen Thibodeaux and her husband Bart, opened their business in August of 1978.

As president Kathleen is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with management to establish long-range goals and strategies. She works with her daughters to direct and evaluate the organization's function and performance – and is proud to see them continue to work hard to build and grow Bart’s Office, Inc.

Kathleen and Bart are the proud grandparents of three beautiful granddaughters, and take every opportunity to spend time with them. They also love to travel, and host large family gatherings at their home in Lakeview.

“It is impressive and exciting to see our daughters working to grow a business that started with a dream in new directions.”

Kathleen Thibodeaux

Ashley Thibodeaux

Ashley T. Herbert

Vice President of Operations

Ashley Thibodeaux has been overseeing company operations at Bart’s office Inc. since 2000. She began her career with Bart’s Office as VP of operations.

She is responsible for designing and implementing long-term business strategies, as well as constructing complex operations for high-profile projects. Ashley also specializes in departmental coordination efforts and operational efficiencies as related to day-to-day business operations. These efforts coupled with extensive knowledge of the industry and excellent customer service skills position the company for continued growth.

Currently, her firm is involved with the New MSY airport install, and relocation efforts as well as the Four Season’s Hotel & private residences project.

Ashley works extensively with non-profits to push her company’s green initiatives for their corporate clients, as well as the environment. She also serves as the logistics chair for the American Cancer Society’s annual gala.

When Ashley is not working to cultivate her business she enjoys social events with family, and friends as well as traveling with her two daughters Elizabeth & Addison.

"Daily operations are very fluid, but require flexibility, and control for the business to be successful. One of the things I love the most about Bart’s is the ever-changing world in which we operate—no two customers are ever the same. My primary goal as the COO is to secure the functionality of my business, and drive extensive and sustainable growth."

Ashley Herbert

Courtney Davis

Courtney T. Davis

Vice President of Business Growth & Administration

Courtney Davis is the Vice President of Business Growth and Administration at Bart’s Office. She has served in management, sales, and growth strategy positions her entire 20-year career, beginning with earning the honorable distinction of Planet Beach's Franchisee on the Planet award when she owned the Metairie Road location. There, she served as the youngest franchisee, where she received accolades for increasing annual revenues by over 80%. Following the successful sale of her franchise in 2005, Courtney returned to her family's business—Bart’s Office-- as its Chief Executive where she employed her strong sales background and manages business development, marketing, employee relations, and customer relations. There, she helped to increase revenue almost 400%, also Graduating Valedictorian of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Cohort. Courtney’s current position focuses on business development, capacity augmentation, and corporate growth initiatives for the firm.

Courtney is a community leader and has had the distinct pleasure of serving on WBENC National Forum, Elevate Board, EWI Board, Mentoring in Loyola University’s Business Portfolio Program, Past GNO Inc. Board Representative, Past Board Representative IFMA, Louisiana Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (reporting directly to the Governor), and the National Federation of Independent Business Leadership Council, where she works with lobbyists on behalf of small businesses.

“It has always been my vision to assist in the growth and expansion of my family’s business. As we continue to focus on business growth through client expansion, employee development, and cultivation of significant relationships, Bart’s has realized substantial revenue growth and success over the last decade. We will continue to strive for excellence and top-notch customer service.”

Courtney Davis

Robert Woolley

Robert Woolley - Our Team

Vice President

Robert (Bobby) Woolley joined Bart’s as Vice President after spending 18 years in logistics, operations and management. His background includes military specialty in communications and logistics, safety and operations in the industrial sector, real estate, and strategy. His recent professional experience includes Sales Management, Logistics Lead, and Fixed Asset Manager. Bobby’s leadership and involvement in Bart’s Office has been tremendously valued. He is currently working to optimize field operations, manage warehouse logistics, and serve as a training leader and mentor to Barts’ field crews.

Bobby is an 8-year United States Army Veteran where he served as an Automated Logistics Specialist and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Alexie L. Thibodeaux

Alexie L. Thibodeaux

Director of Training

Ms. Alexie Thibodeaux has been the Chief Training Officer for Bart’s Office Inc. since 2012.

Alexie is responsible for a myriad of operational and personnel related productions, including inventory control, Wo-managing crews on large high profile projects, and employee development. Alexie’s primary leadership role is to formulate the strategies needed to drive crew development and training. Alexie is a team player with an eye toward collaboration and innovative thinking.

Alexie is a dedicated advocate for animals, and in her free time she is very involved with the non-profit Take Paws, where she helps organize events and fosters stray animals as they find a forever home. Alexie also enjoys playing beach volleyball, softball, and tennis and was named most outstanding female athlete at her graduation ceremony.

“If we are not training our employees to be excellent, efficient, and safe then the client experience suffers. We are constantly researching new ways to be more cutting edge, and incorporate new methodologies into what we do. Increasingly, more organizations understand the importance of dedicating a role specifically to training. This is one more area in which Bart’s is at the forefront of our industry.”

Alexie Thibodeaux
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Jennifer Williams
Business Development

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Maria Lopez
Account Manager

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Rick Miller
Senior Project Manager

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Dominique Carraby
Finance Manager

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Ashley Renard
Operations & Estimation Manager

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Kaylie Davis
Customer Experience Coordinator

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Kelvin White
Warehouse Manager

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Rayone Russell
PC Manager

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Tyrone Claiborne
Lead Installer

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Ricky Williams

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Emile Johnson
Lead Driver

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Charles Lee

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William Lewis
Lead Driver

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